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desparatedebrh started this conversation

I'm a 49 year old woman with gum disease.  Alot of my teeth have fallen out.  Mainly the front top and front bottom.  I need to get dentures but have researched and cant seem to find anyone who is willing to help me get the care I need.  If anyone out there knows where to find a dentist that is free of charge or minimal charge please contact me at  I'm scared to death of dentist.  Its my one fear in life.  I need about 15 teeth pulled (most of which have broken off).  I need dentures for top and bottom.  I need a good job but due to my teeth - well - everyone looks at me like I'm on drugs or just didnt take care of my teeth is why they are like this.  I admit its been about 10 years since I've went to a dentist and this I regret tremendously.  Its to late to whine about the past and I'm trying to get my life started again and need HELP!!!! 

If theres anything anyone can do to help me please let me know a.s.a.p.  I will be in your debt forever.  I'm a great worker but am so embarressed about my teeth that its hard to go into a place of business and apply for a job.  I dont even want to go to a fast food place cause I'm to embaressed.  I know people say I could have prevented this and they may be right.  But the time has come that I have to ask for help (which is very hard to do).  I need the work done for free if at all possible.  I'm willing to be a quinea pig for a dentist office just to prevent anyone else from feeling the way I do.  I'll do anything to get my teeth fixed (legally that is).

Your help is grately appreciated.  Thanks

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Hi there,  I really understand, what you are going thru, that is what brought me here almost 3 weeks ago,  maybe a little less, This is such a important topic  and the more people that will come out and voice it.  The better chance we all have of maybe getting help.. I also was afraid of dentists, they would say root canal needed,  and I could hardly even handle being in the office, and i would say take the tooth..  anyway I won't go into my whole story, its in my profile I have posted many things, and will continue, if I ever need anyone to be a advocate with me you let me know.   Its really not cosmetic, although at first, I did feel like  everyone was looking at me funny, It is not about looks,  I mean it  would be nice not to have so much in common with a new born baby.     We need teeth,  dentures, some of us need imlants. We were not made to live with out them, cant digest your food. Yeah well 30 years ago they would have not even thought about some one being a druggie if your teeth were bad, you just didnt akSad for us, that is the way it is.. Until enough of us band together, and start telling people, we are still good  people,you need teeth to digest your food.. ect.  its about health and living...  Hang there and keep posting and posting, if you want start addressing  the dentists and oral surgeons, They need to wake form there sleep of all thay money and start living the nitmeare we sound so much like myself,  I have said  exactly the same thing I will do anything to get my or should I say my 6 teeth implants and special dentures.. .....I have also offered to be a guinea pig so to speak... I pray we both get answers and soon,  don't give up Im not.....I really pray we  both to get our miracle.   Let these  dentists and spealists and root canal Drs , paying attention to us, we shouldnt  have to live feeling sick to our stomach and choking on food.    

Well I really have to go to sleep, I just saw your post and  had to let you know you are  far from alone in his.

Good nite


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I don't know if this will help, but if you check some of the Colleges that have dental programs, you may be able to help the students get their dental client hours in and they may offer you free service. I would check the dental schools. Also certain missionaries help people. I read about Pacific Garden Missions helping people in Chicago. Maybe their are some Missionaries or Churches that you can check out in your area. Are you able to sew or offer some kind of service to barter with, or raffle something? I knew a lady that made pillows and did raffles and did pretty good. Maybe you could get help doing a fundraiser. I hope that this helps some, I pray that God opens the right doors to help you get your smile back!

I know you will have a testimony soon and you can give us a Praise report!

God Bless You And Your Smile!


God Bless You!

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